13 States Set Single-Day COVID-19 Records | Sunday TODAY

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9 օր առաջ

Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing to new levels with more than a dozen states recently breaking their daily records. Governors and mayors are beginning to reimpose restrictions to slow the spread. NBC’s Kathy Park reports for Sunday TODAY.
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13 States Set Single-Day COVID-19 Records | Sunday TODAY

Mark Eknham
Mark Eknham 54 րոպե առաջ
I live in one of those states I know A LOT of people and since this whole thing started I've only known two people who have been sick.
Tiffany Peppers
Tiffany Peppers 19 ժամ առաջ
My my state up there 👆🏿
*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*
*':RickK* *RocKStar:'* 20 ժամ առաջ
Looks like all the states that are doing recounts. 😂😂😂😂
Terry Ronning
Terry Ronning 23 ժամ առաջ
Sunday TODAY, you need to really scare the folks is say how many deaths. Oh, those are really going down. Cuomo has the record in New York of the old folks.
Dougie 2 Fly
Dougie 2 Fly 23 ժամ առաջ
Can ANYONE give me solid proof that a virus is going around? Pleaseeee help me out and give me solid proof.
Minute With mark
Minute With mark 23 ժամ առաջ
It is all BS people. It is really just a flu but they want you to believe the lie to get the vaccine (the chip-the mark) DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM MAINSTREAM NEWS ON TV...
Denise Bilby
Denise Bilby 23 ժամ առաջ
False positives from PCR which is not a test and can’t diagnose anything especially viruses. Fauci has yet to identify and isolate and purify this virus by the gold standard of KOCHS POSTULATEs
Charles Roer
Charles Roer Օր առաջ
Plandemic = control
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger Օր առաջ
Total Bs. We know this is a hoax being used to control citizens. THIS WILL NOT WORK IN AMERICA! 💥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥
southern okie
southern okie Օր առաջ
And we are going to believe yall
Chad Shumpert
Chad Shumpert Օր առաջ
Chad Shumpert
Chad Shumpert Օր առաջ
Notice how all this was happened RIGHT AFTER they started finding MASS VOTER FRAUD? #TrumpWON2020
Chris M
Chris M Օր առաջ
Another 100 days and all of America will have had and gotten over wuhanchu flu.
NickWasHere Օր առաջ
Trump supporters and BLM protestors need to stop gathering
l337pwnage Օր առաջ
no one cares.
Wyatt Burt
Wyatt Burt Օր առաջ
WTF...!black fri. is on , but THANKSGIVING IS OFF ?!!! OPEN HIGHWAYS PREZ. !
Dennis Magee
Dennis Magee Օր առաջ
I just waiting for the new record tomorrow and for the rest of the year.
Cw Johnson
Cw Johnson Օր առաջ
It's sad that a lot of place didn't believe in Covid-19
Matthew Atwater
Matthew Atwater Օր առաջ
In KS our governor has tried, local authorities refuse to enforce mandates.
Mathew Turner
Mathew Turner Օր առաջ
Why I called a scandemic on Sunday everything's closed and everybody's at home watching the NFL football games. Whatever you do don't obey your overlords and give up the right to breathe
Count Chocula
Count Chocula Օր առաջ
The media is obsessed with cases for christ's sake.. Everyone is going to get it eventually, it ain't going away.. plus the recover rate is 99.8% so who really cares anymore.
*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*
*':RickK* *RocKStar:'* 20 ժամ առաջ
3500 people die from car accidents daily, but we are not dismantling cars...
Mathew Turner
Mathew Turner Օր առաջ
Biggest scandamic money Maker this century off the back of the American people.
wyh del
wyh del Օր առաջ
Everybody that doesn't want to shut down again are doing everything they can to ensure we get shut down again
Kate Sickles
Kate Sickles Օր առաջ
Sad about the kid losing his parents but they are both obese and that's a huge predictor for Covid complications.
Lonny Bonani
Lonny Bonani Օր առաջ
Ya but how many deaths???? I don't care about cases if people aren't dying. That means it's no more dangerous than the flu... Cuomo is a criminal. He personally inflated NY deaths by putting sick people in nursing homes... DONT LISTEN PEOPLE. Yes a lot is sad. But blame the right people. AND STOP WEARING MASKS IF YOU WANT TO STAY HRALTHY. think about it if you can smell through it breathe and through it, it's not stopping any virus.... The vaccines are very very VERY dangerous. RESIST THE TYRANNY AND THINK FOR YOURSELF. DID YOU KNOW BILL GATES HAS A PATENT ON CORONA???? AND WANTS YOU TO VACCINATE.... HES BEEN KICKED OUT OF INDIA FIR VACCING AND KILLING AND MAIMING THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS
saucybantz Օր առաջ
New rule: if you haven't missed a single paycheck this year due to the lockdowns, you no longer have a say in how the pandemic is handled.
Travis Reynolds
Travis Reynolds Օր առաջ
"I put liquid paper on a bee, and it died"- Brennan (Step Brothers)
John Smith
John Smith Օր առաջ
more fake news
Thomas Jacobson
Thomas Jacobson Օր առաջ
You know you can't believe anything from the media
Remenber this the case are going to keep rising the election are no over yet. Another funny thing the flu has been around ford decades and there's no efective cure for it, Covid 19 for a year and they allready have a vacine 95% efficient, what a joke.
Kenneth Vargas
Kenneth Vargas Օր առաջ
Dude, the flu is a rapidly mutating virus that changes almost every season and has way less severe effects than Covid-19. This is why there is no effective cure, there is no single flu since it always changes. Covid-19 being around for a year and having a 95% efficient (still undergoing tests) vaccine is the pinnacle of medicine at the moment. Unprecedented levels of research have gone into this and the results show. Covid-19 is nothing like the flu. Please read high school biology textbooks on illnesses and viruses, you can learn a lot.
heavymetal 210
heavymetal 210 Օր առաջ
Where was all this late news during that fraud of a election...I guess they are just playing catch up
Broken Record
Broken Record Օր առաջ
Z double
Z double Օր առաջ
More fake news from the mainstream fear mongering propaganda machine. Keep living in fear for the rest of your lives and don't forget to wear your muzzle, my god so many of you are just pathetic. Wake up, this us about taking more of our freedom away to usher in their great reset. Im sick too , not from this virus that is as dangerous as the flu but of how so many if you have turned into obedient sheep willing to give up your freedom for nothing. Sad.
Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE
Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE Օր առաջ
Media spreads lies and fear for profit and Someone else's Agenda.
Mister Bloger
Mister Bloger Օր առաջ
Prayers for Rayden Gonzales!🙏🏽
tomitstube Օր առաջ
republican governor: "our situation has changed..." (covid-19 outbreak) nope, nothings changed you unhinged right wing anti-science death cult nazis... you're just getting punched in the face FOR YOUR IGNORANCE, INCOMPETANCE, AND *COWARDICE.* meanwhile your cult leader goes golfing... congratulations republi-conned voters.
Maurice O'Ray II
Maurice O'Ray II Օր առաջ
Deaths are low.
Matt Batt
Matt Batt Օր առաջ
Trust in Media right? They say Governor Cuomo did a good job killing thousands of elderly. Doctor said they were forced to inflate the number of deaths, man died from gunshot to the Head his death is a number of covid so is a man who died in a motorcycle accident. Do not trust the propaganda pushers who are in the business fear-mongering for dictators
Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE
Bouncer Slab & REAL NATURE Օր առաջ
Trump Won clearly. Trump Said there would be a vaccine by November and now we have three. Media and Biden said TRUMP was a liar about the November vaccine.
Blue Dog survive
Blue Dog survive Օր առաջ
More bull💩 fake tests to control ppl! Ya change is coming and not the way you think
danosaurus wrecks
danosaurus wrecks Օր առաջ
do any healthy people die from covid?
Michael Ibey
Michael Ibey Օր առաջ
And it looks like most are RED STATES!! With a couple of exceptions.
D Koch
D Koch Օր առաջ
No deaths just positive test results and people sent home. Quick declare sleepy in his basement joe all will be better. These are not the droids you are looking for.
unrealinventor2006 Օր առաջ
Soon people will see the main media crash and burn and go off air.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Օր առաջ
Week old information being broadcasted as breaking news so they can get that CLICK MONEY
Freddy Marcel-Marcum
Freddy Marcel-Marcum Օր առաջ
They lost me in February when the guy who jaywalked (yes he was black) in front of a speeding bus in NYC and the official cause of death was Chinavirus. And the lady in New Hampshire who fell from her horse and broke her neck later that month? Chinavirus.
Modular Living
Modular Living Օր առաջ
They’re are barely mandating “MASK”? Hahaha you got to be kidding. Every one should be wearing a mask until this pandemic is over! period.
Modular Living
Modular Living 19 ժամ առաջ
@Br Car ?
Br Car
Br Car Օր առաջ
Speak for yourself
Steve Nanya
Steve Nanya Օր առաջ
If they treated the seasonal flu the same testing wise, the numbers would be comparable.
larsetom1 Օր առաջ
More tests = more cases. The PCR test if done with a cycle threshold of 35 (standard for the US and UK) is less than 3% accurate. That is, produces a 97% false positive rate. Stop testing, the pandemic evaporates like so much hot air.
Magda Z
Magda Z Օր առաջ
Increase of corona cases, so what. People always die. Stop treat corona like plague
unrealinventor2006 Օր առաջ
deaths are way down. This is false main media crap. Still pushing the lockdown and trying to keep people Quite.
Bow To The King
Bow To The King Օր առաջ
Keep up the good work Covid
Raymundo Velez
Raymundo Velez Օր առաջ
Trump supporters will call this a hoax
thetrainguy1 Օր առաջ
Why are there so many dislikes for this video?
Jonny Reb
Jonny Reb Օր առաջ
We don't give a **** anymore. Your fear mongering tactics won't work anymore. You can't live in fear....and the virus is much less deadly then your narrative would have is believe. Give is some salty tears.
Mandz Omar
Mandz Omar Օր առաջ
remember when covid would disappear after the election , LOL
RKG Austin
RKG Austin 23 ժամ առաջ
@Mandz Omar Until predictit pays out the election isn't over... www.predictit.org/
Mandz Omar
Mandz Omar Օր առաջ
@D Koch seeing you and other trump supporters overdosing on copium , fills my heart with joy ! keep it up buddy
D Koch
D Koch Օր առաջ
Election is not over
Mandz Omar
Mandz Omar Օր առաջ
@Jenny Stamm cope
Jenny Stamm
Jenny Stamm Օր առաջ
Haha. Except the election is still not over....
Steve Gustafson
Steve Gustafson Օր առաջ
Fake news. Nobody believed your stupid polling numbers or the fake election, and nobody believes your fake false positive Covid numbers. It's a gigantic FRAUD!!
Terry Douglas
Terry Douglas Օր առաջ
Stop with the fear mongering!
David Soap
David Soap Օր առաջ
His parents were both obeass, I mean what did you expect
PalatablePuddle Օր առաջ
Finally. I haven't been suggested any fear mongering in like 3 days
Fake News
Fake News Օր առաջ
Both parents are 300lb plus.
Adam Dintelman
Adam Dintelman Օր առաջ
There goes the media trying to scare everyone again
HydraBill Rebirth
HydraBill Rebirth Օր առաջ
You should be. I've lost 4 mask deniers in my family from this. Good luck.
Brendan Duddy
Brendan Duddy Օր առաջ
Now tell me how many people actually died.......🤓
Brew See
Brew See Օր առաջ
Why isn't anyone talking about Gov Doug Burgum being Gavin Newsom aged twenty years?
james gilbert
james gilbert Օր առաջ
lol they only tell you about the united states its the same all over the world so you have to see that all this crap about mask helping is a joke lol shut downs are a joke lol hasnt helped any where
thomas barlow
thomas barlow Օր առաջ
So let me ask this you jackasses! Here in Florida no one wears a mask and all the bars are open at full capacity. How come our cases aren't skyrocketing and why isn't anyone I know sick? I thought this was SUPER deadly?
Fake News
Fake News Օր առաջ
Fake News.
transcendtient Օր առաջ
Comments full of Covid deniers.
l337pwnage Օր առաջ
Oy vey, my grandma died 6 times from COVID when she was 3.
Robert Sorenson
Robert Sorenson Օր առաջ
When the money goes away, Covid19 goes away
Caterslave Օր առաջ
Cool to hear the seagull chiming in at the end
Suzy Cook
Suzy Cook Օր առաջ
If you voted for Biden then you voted for this s***
Suzy Cook
Suzy Cook 18 ժամ առաջ
@Pleasantly Rusty the death of logic
Pleasantly Rusty
Pleasantly Rusty Օր առաջ
Wow that's stupid of you.
Gabo0n VIP3R
Gabo0n VIP3R Օր առաջ
So the surge in Minnesota traces back to the Sturgis Rally. Is there comfort in knowing you died because somebody supercool got dressed up and rode a motorcycle just like in the movies? Are you so bored that risking death is "escaping"? Are you more important if you're an "expert" with secret knowledge? There's something to think about and talk about over the Thanksgiving table with other people who feel the same.
GoogleUser10 Googleblows
GoogleUser10 Googleblows Օր առաջ
Minimal death, so why are we worried ?
Suzy Cook
Suzy Cook Օր առաջ
Here we go guys more b******* from the idiots oh yes please shut it all down be afraid the real virus is fear don't let them manipulate you
Bean Soup
Bean Soup Օր առաջ
Scare tactics
Waffle Traktor
Waffle Traktor Օր առաջ
Yeah, I don’t buy that BS.
Wes Օր առաջ
I just wonder how they are going to explain that the virus went away under Biden after setting the records. Phony of course. The fact is 230 thousand of the 260 thousand deaths credited to Covid are fake but that would not hurt Trump or give him the credit he is do if we only lost 30 thousand to the Virus. Where do I get these figures, they are available? As they are everything from people that had strokes to people that died in motorcycle accidents. They are all accredited to covid. Why for the money of course. The doctors and the hospital are given 20% bonus for Covid deaths. And they don’t have to prove it or even test for it. They just make the claim and that is good enough. It is just a shame that the media is so full of lies and fake news.
hydrofarmer15 Օր առաջ
This reporter talks like Trisha Takanowa
Pleasantly Rusty
Pleasantly Rusty Օր առաջ
Not even close
Brent Օր առաջ
Wow, does the fear mongering ever stop??? Deaths aren't increasing. That means it has run its course. This is propaganda to make people panic. Two words for Today: STOP IT
Trevor Hieb
Trevor Hieb Օր առաջ
Hey just remember stupid people think covid isnt real 🤣 dummies also breaking new cold, flu, chicken pox and all other diseases and illnesses are fake too I'm sorry for everyone who has lost someone and still has to deal with idiot's who are in denial or just too stupid to come to grips with it
theghost rider
theghost rider Օր առաջ
covid is a hoax
Stan Gore
Stan Gore Օր առաջ
Coronavirus 😷 is a hoax A massive Danish study on mask usage found no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers. In fact, according to the data, mask usage may actually increase the likelihood of infection.
theghost rider
theghost rider Օր առաջ
no one cares
merik2001 Օր առաջ
Remember when Andrew Cuomo said that his state won't be bullied into taking "Trump's vaccine"? Pepperidge Farm remembers
Garry Wagner
Garry Wagner Օր առաջ
How conviene always before an eventi predictable. We as americans dont trust you.
James Dalton
James Dalton Օր առաջ
Pcr test proving more false positives than EVER!!!! Stop scaring people! Cuomo is a Demon!
Jonathan *
Jonathan * Օր առաջ
don't be fooled by these so called daily records, there have been a number of times then paperwork has been back-up for a few days.
Enrique Rodriguez
Enrique Rodriguez Օր առաջ
Obviously whomever didn't get the virus is going to get it eventually, let's get it done with, the same people who are complaining about the world being overpopulated are the ones "trying to save your life ." Idiots.
Daulstage Butterfly
Daulstage Butterfly Օր առաջ
Any shutdown required a Stimulus for all americans is a must, don't leave us in the cold please.
Equine Emergency Rescue transport
Equine Emergency Rescue transport Օր առաջ
US IN 2020: US Deaths PER YEAR 2015, a total of 2,712,630 2016 a total of 2,744,248 2017 a total of 2,813,503 2018, a total of 2,839,205 2019, a total of 2,900,689 As of November 16th 2020, a total of 2,487,350 Democrat Marxist pretend to be something they are not! They endorsed riots, threats, intimidation,burning, looting,destruction of private property, assaults, beating innocent people to death in the street , shooting people, murder, burning Churches and people are cheering for that in the cities are not Americans! They are the enemy of all Amercans who love this Republic and Constitution and the rule of law remember people who profit from violence are never afraid of using it for there own interests Lock down! it's going to be used for political justifications of the coup that's transpiring right now THE STATS - WHY WE'VE ALL HAD OUR LIVES STOLEN FROM US IN 2020: US Deaths PER YEAR 2015, a total of 2,712,630 2016 a total of 2,744,248 2017 a total of 2,813,503 2018, a total of 2,839,205 2019, a total of 2,900,689 As of November 16th 2020, a total of 2,487,350
The Mad Dog
The Mad Dog Օր առաջ
arkansas has 2000 cases. literally the lowest amount in the country. also those two parents you mentioned arent dead i literally just got off the phone with them
Pitt J
Pitt J Օր առաջ
I the Democrats had a smooth transaction into office and Trump wasn't exposing all their fraud I wonder if we would be hearing about all this covid right now. It seems like it only jumps when Democrats are in trouble
More lies
Mars S
Mars S Օր առաջ
Cases may be skyrocketing (questionable) but the fatality rate is still falling. With the millions of tests being done every week, it's not surprising that positives would increase. It seems clear that many people were exposed and never knew it. They had to get tested to find out they were infected and since asymptomatic cases don't appear to be contagious...let's not panic.
aquinasrost Օր առաջ
This news is typical fake news BS from state media. Fear mongering at its best!
RememberKings Օր առաջ
Remember guys, 12 DAYS TO STOP THE SPREAD!
Kreg Ward
Kreg Ward Օր առաջ
Better watch out for the boogyvirus
Release the Kraken
Release the Kraken Օր առաջ
Same BS, different day.
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